Back in the Saddle

So its been almost 3 months since my last blog update. Since that time I've revised my portfolio for a second submission, been dating a wonderful woman named Gilda, moved out of Monterey, and been a facilitator at the English Language Village of Concordia Language Villages. Its two weeks away from my departure to Japan. I'm on the farewell tour, visiting family and friends. Gilda came with me to Minnesota to camp and she's with me here in Chicago now. We've had a good time visiting where I grew up in Naperville and downtown Chicago. Today we part paths for a week, when I go to Connecticut to see Jen and David and Gilda goes to Los Angeles. I'll try to update from each stop on the tour to get warmed up again with the blogging.


Larry said...

Man, it's great to finally hear from you again. I can't believe you're already done with Concordia! Congratulations with that. Look forward to hearing from you again.


Larry said...

Forgot to mention...Karen and I will be in Chicago for PC staging!

We'll be there 29 Sept - 2 Oct.

51 days!

Nicole said...


Countries I have visited

Where I've been in the USA