As promised, here's today's second edition. First rainy day in japan,
everybody break out the umbrellas. Today i had meetings with my
counterpart, Aki. We planned out our class and met with the personnel
people. Routine stuff. Then we had lunch at the "Big Papa" cafeteria
on campus. I had the curry with pork filet. Delicious. I could get
used to the Japanese food every day. I gave out my first omiyagi,
souvenir, to someone who helped me with the personnel issues. And i've
been doing a lot of introductions: hajimemashite, doozo yoroshiko,
watashi wa jefu mattison desu. These are the phrases that I use.

Thursday the Junior High school staff will be going on a retreat to
have concentrated meetings on the opening of the second school term.
We're supposed to have On Sen, hot springs, and nice meals. Should be
a good place to get better acquainted with the rest of the staff.
Meanwhile, I'll be going jogging and wandering to get a better feel of
the place. If you'd like to mail me a letter, my new address is:

1-3-8 Kami-Kotoen, A102
Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo-ken

Thanks for reading and stay in touch!


Danielle said...

Hi Jeff,

It's good to see you made it safe and sound, and sounds like you're having fun adjusting to your new world.

I hope all ois well with you.


Larry said...

miss you jefu wefu

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