Not out of the woods yet

Well, the fury of graduation has come and gone. It was a great event to bring closure to the classes and classmates that I've been with for the past two years. But the studying still goes on. Due to some delay in my research, I've received an extension on my research project. And I have a curriculum to design. And a portfolio to revise. All this before May 28th, when I'm supposed to leave for Japan. Can it be done? Honestly, I don't know. I suppose that I could finish all the work at the expense of my social life, sanity, and health. But I'm not sure it's worth all of that. I'm motivated to finish all of it, but the summertime snooze is creeping up on me.

My family was in town and we had a great time together. It's too bad that we couldn't have been together for longer. The last time we were together was for my brother's wedding in May 2003. And then we didn't have much together time because of one festivity or another. But I think the plan is to get together for Christmas 2005, when we should have more down time.

I'm choto-choto nervous to go to Japan on my own and be illiterate. Going to Mexico in 2001 for a week was one thing, because I'd spoken Spanish 16 years before. This will be totally different. But, I wanted to see a new place and a new challenge. So in that sense, I'm ready for Japan.

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