a day in paradise

Honolulu, Hawaii - I'm finally on my way to Japan. Staying in Mililani
with my cousina and his wonderful family. Its a wonderful 80 degrees
with a mild breeze and some humidity. There's a typhoon looming over
Osaka, so I may have to stay in paradise another day. Darn. It was
hard leaving LA, but with the love and support of my girfriend and
brother and sister-in-law, I know I won't be alone in this adventure.
More updates soon!

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Larry said...

You'll be fine!

Hopefully you'll be financially secure enough to visit us in Ukraine too!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff. I ran into Sasaki Akihiko sensei in Monterey last week and thought of you. Hope you'll pick up lots of Osaka-ben while you are there. Yuki

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