Paying it forward

Went out to El Torito this evening to celebrate Karen's birthday. A good time with good friends. Made some new ones, too. Tried Larry's trick of tipping the taco maker man a dollar to get a free taco. Didn't work. In fact, Larry gave me the dollar to tip him with. I know he saw it. Oh well. Maybe that's the down payment and he only starts giving free tacos on the second time I tip a dollar before he make 'em. So later I've eaten my two tacos and am trying to break the $20 I came in with. Dave won't let me pay at all.

Wow. I go to celebrate another's birthday and I end up being treated. I'm not worthy. Karen did relish her presents. And she enjoyed the company that gathered to support her. She'll be going to Ukraine with Larry soon. Be sure to check out their website if you haven't already.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fuzzy,
I am glad that you finally found a place to stay. And congratulations on your graduation!
You are the greatest!

Well, I have my own blog page, but it is in my language. I have one piece of writing in English, maybe you can read and send me your feedback!
I will send the link to your first class,

Take care


Larry said...
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Larry said...

The past few weeks, my free tacos have been few and far between. But, this past Tuesday, I tried my trick, and I received my free taco! Grace be to the taco man god.

Congrats on the grad today, by the way.

And...you are worthy.

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