Todai-ji Temple

Todai-ji Temple
Todai-ji Temple,
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For some Buddhists in Japan, this is a sacred destination. For me last Wednesday, it was also my destination though for less holy of a reason. I wanted to see if I could fit through Buddha's nostril and receive enlightenment. Todai-ji houses a statue of Buddha that is probably 10 stories high. So accessing the nostrils is no easy task. And can you believe that the supervising monks won't let you climb up to try? ;) So where did I get this cocka-mamey idea to fit through Buddha's nostril? Well, the guide book. And they have carved a hole through one of the huge pillars in the temple that is supposed to be the same size as Buddha's nostril. Thanks to so many people who have gone before me, the hole in the wood was quite smooth and perhaps a little bigger than when it was first cut. So I put my arms over my head and wiggled through. On the other end, I felt a little light-headed so I guess that's as close to enlightenment as I'll come on this effort!

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