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At first I was really skeptical about bloggers and blogging. I thought it was only for those who spend a lot of time on the internet and are opinionated enough to have to write something. Then I heard about how bloggers contributed to the exposure of the false military documents that CBS used to question the President's military record. And how they helped the press get the story right or wrong. Hmm, I thought, maybe blogging isn't that bad.

Then during my graduate studies, I heard about how blogging is changing how we use language. I'm an ESL teacher, so this kind of stuff interests me. And I know my students are blogging, so in an effort to relate to my students in class better, here I am. It's very freeing to have an outlet to write. Don't expect any radical conspiracy theories, or rantings from this blog. Maybe some political theories, language teaching ideas, and day-in-the-life reports to the fam. I like how the interests that I list connect me to other bloggers, interactivity is what blogging is all about.

So its takes a little bit of bravery to start blogging, but once you do, it grows and becomes easier. That's what I'm finding out. I'm open to your tips and thoughts about what makes a good blog. See you on the Net.

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Anonymous said...

Jefe! Great to see you on the web bro! True, blogging has made its mark in the world and ya never know how what you say or think can be picked up by others and how it could help them or introduce them to a new perspective (kind of like Wednesday night)! Keep it up!
-Off Yonder

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