the sophomore edition

Ok I'm back for another short entry. The initial feedback from friends and
family about my blog have been good. It still seems like a rather new idea
to them though. That's ok, 5 days ago it was new to me too. I think my
biggest concern has been privacy and security. I mean, if this thing is
going to be searchable on the web, then anyone with any motive can access
it. I'm a believer in the the honesty of mankind and find people to be
mostly harmless who give an intimidating impression, but still you never

Identity theft is an increasing problem in the USA these days. Last year,
someone stole a paycheck out of my mailbox and tried to get credit cards
in my name. Fortunately I was alerted to the problem before any harm or
money could be charged, but for thousands of others, it costs like 7-800
dollars to correct the problem.

And then there's the issue of privacy. What will people think of me? I
don't have a trendy angle on the news or technology. I just like the
latest things that make life easier or more interesting. But there's a
place on the web for all sorts. I'll keep my real name off this blog for
the time being, so you can just call me Fuzz or Jefe or Fuzzy Jefe if you

I see that I can add design changes to my blog. That will be the next
thing I do, but right now I have to write a paper about native speakers in
second language acquisition! Hooray!

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