IATEFL Conference in Exeter, England

Internet access has been few and far between on my trip. I think it as a benefit because I think everyone needs to decompress and disconnect from the Wired world a few times a year.

Since I last posted, I spent a busy day in London seeing the British Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Brixton's Jamaican community, Harrod's Department Store, and the Greenwich Observatory. More details on those when I can upload pictures.

I took a 5-hour bus (coach as they call it here) ride to Exeter on Tuesday. The rolling hillside of Devon county is quite charming. Hedgerows, sheep, and green fields are quite soothing to the eyes.

We're staying at a quaint country inn, Heath Gardens that is outside of town. Aside from being a hassle to get to and from on the bus, it is a lovely place to relax after a full day at the conference.

IATEFL is the European/UK centred organization for English teachers, so I am out of my element in networking and understanding the on-going conversation. I have eased my way into things, gradually starting to get business cards and make friendships.

As for the city of Exeter itself, I haven't had too much time to explore it. They've recently refinished the High Street (main street) to be a pedestrian mall with bus right of way. I can believe the amount of people on the pavement (sidewalk) for the relative size of town (40,000). This is a pedestrian friendly town. There's a castle and cathedral to explore, so I think I'll get out today to see it. Stay tuned for more!


Dzen said...

Funny, an American friend of mine commented on a common conference theme about "the digital divide" between, presumably, developed countries like the UK and less-developed countries. He mentioned that it seemed that the UK was actually on the wrong side of such a digital divide. Ah! It is good to be more connected (but it is good to unplug for a bit as well). Meeting in Exeter was delightful, Jeff! I hope you had some time to wander around a bit before heading back over the pond. Cheers!

CJ Miyake said...

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