The 2016 Olympics: Chicago

The more I wander, the more Chicago still feels like a home base. My upbringing in its green-lawned suburb of Naperville is always contrasted to the culture and values of each other state or country that I live in. So when I found this blog entry about Chicago's chances for the 2016 Olympics Bid, I got excited about the prospects of my city being all over the world so I could see it where ever I go in "Chicago 2016" t-shirts!

Chicago seems to be the humble "3rd coast" of the USA. Outranked in population by LA and NYC, seldom at the top of the podium for sports championships (with the exception of the repeat three-peat by the Chicago Bulls in the 90s), Chicago is often described as "big as New York without the attitude". What we lack in population and victories, Chicago makes up in political corruption. Every time I call home, Dad gives me the update on the latest federal probe into state and city scandals. The Governor was indicted today. The mayor's streets and sanitation department was subpoenaed today. And so it goes.

Well, like most cities who host major international events, Chicago will have to clean up their streets and their act to make a good impression. Maybe Chicago politics will be clean by 2016. Then again, maybe the Cubs will win a World Series by then, too. Like a true Chicagoan, I can always hope can't I?

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