The Sign of Sakura

This will be really short because we're on the eve of our trip to Hiroshima and Kyushu and we need to get up early. This weekend, Gilda and I went to Kochi on the island of Shikoku to visit a friend from Concordia Language Villages: Erinn. She's an ATE in the JET program at a school in the countryside. We had a great time visiting Kochi's Sunday market, Kochi Castle, and getting the inakka experience.

The country is on Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Watch and we got one of the first sightings in Kochi. The picture above is one I took on the grounds of Kochi Castle. The blooming spreads Northward and soon the whole country will be congregating in gardens to enjoy O-hanami. What rites of Spring do you observe in your country? Write me with your comments! Sayoonara!

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