Meeting Haiku

Wednesdays always make good blog posting days because I've got a 2 hour chunk of time when I can sit quietly and think. They're the weekly faculty meeting. Today I used the time to read course evaluations, write in my teaching journal, and join my fellow American ATE in a friendly competition of haiku poetry. Here are the 5-7-5 syllable poems that we created:

drip of foreign words
into murky conprehension
drown my feeble mind

a steamy kettle
words distilled from Japanese
dew not digest well

circle of sensei
throw thoughts into the room like
skipping stones in mud

a heater rumbles
ambient language playing
a song I only feel

sleepy sun setting
and heaving droning voices
pull my lashes down

this meeting bunker
could survive Apocalypse
will it ever end?

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