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Sorry that I haven't written a post for almost two weeks. And this one will have to be short. I lost my Internet connection at home. Its a long story but let's just say that now I have to start paying for it instead of picking up wifi waves freefloating in the air! This week is Boonkasai. Culture Festival. It debuts on Thursday but the students have been planning for it for months. There are no classes today. This morning we had a choreographed operation where all the students moved the desks out of their classrooms and into storage rooms to free up space for displays. Now the boys are practicing for the intraschool choir concert which is tomorrow. Each grade is divided into 4 houses of 45 boys. Each house will compete against the other.
On Thursday, the public will be invited to the school to view what each club has prepared for the festival. Our English club did a survey of how people connect emotions to colors. I added a cross-cultural element by translating the survey (with my students' help of course) into English and giving it to the English teachers and maybe some of you readers! One of the interesting differences was that English speakers associate yellow with cowardice while Japanese do not.
Thanks to those of your who have written comments to me about my blog through the link on the right. With this design template, I don't have the link to write a comment through blogger. But if you click on "send me an email" you can email me a comment at my school account.
This weekend I will be going to work on a farm in Toyama which is north of the Kansai region on the Sea of Japan. It will probably be cold and rainy, but from what I can tell through my correspondence with the host family, they are warm and caring. I can't wait to tell you about it! Thanks for reading!

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