Strike Two

I'm trying to find a host family for my stay in Japan in June through WWOOF, willing workers on organic farms. My helpful Japanese friends at school have been helping me to type personalized emails in Japanese. But so far I'm 0 for 2: too full or too full. Now I'm looking at the month I have left to find a place, thinking I can only have 20 more tries, and needing to devote more time to finishing up my studies, too. It has been helping my Japanese, I even translated enough of the email response that I got from one host to understand it. My friend Nicole translated it for me and I got the gist. All from self-study, this is a new language learning experience. I was wigging out tonight about how overstimulated I'll be with technology and the new language system I'll be illiterate in. Breath in. Breath out. I'll find some simple arrangement that can work. Any of you readers have any comments to share? ;]

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